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General questions
It is the largest cryptocurrency bank which provides its services all over the world. Specifically as a bank, the company has provided services since 2017.
How does your bank make money?
The principle of work of cryptocurrency bank is almost the same as the work of any bank which activity connected with fiat currencies. But at the same time there are some differences. First, the rate of profit possible to earn is significantly higher than in fiat banks. It is explained by the high cost of cryptocurrency assets and its great liquidity. By the way, using profile financial institution, the operations with cryptocurrency money are conducted considerably faster, more effective and it reduces overhead expenses. And also the additional exchange commission with cryptocurrency transactions is significantly less than with fiat money transactions.
How does your bank differ from investment programs?
It differs exactly by that fact that we are a bank. Our unique peculiarities are based on that we don’t invest clients’ funds in hypothetically perspective but risky programs and start-ups. All our activity is concentrated only on those financial directions, which by definition can’t be risky. Particularly, these are exchange operations, viewing the information channel to transfer blockchains, profit on commissions and intermediation as well as overdrafting services on a contractual arrangement.
How can I get support from your company?
Any client of our bank can get help by contacting our online consultants. Besides, at a Backoffice everyone has an opportunity to make up a ticket on the topic he is interested in. To do this, you need to go to “Support” subsection at your Backoffice.
How many personal accounts is it possible to create?
Every client has the right to create only one personal account. In case, if the security bank service reveals the fact of creation of more than one personal account, all the accounts of this client will be blocked without further opportunity to restore it. Moreover, this client will be denied in providing any services forever.
What if I create the second personal account by mistake?
We do not negotiate on this issue. Any violation of the Rule of One Personal Account, regardless of the reasons will be localized by abovementioned actions without any discussion.
If I've got a controversial issue, what should I do?
Any disputable questions (except cases of the Rule of One Personal Account) will be solved by negotiation until we come to a full settlement of the issue