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New deposit offer
Dear clients of our bank!
We have much done in order that our cooperation developed and brought only positive emotions. And in the future we will prove daily with the same persistence and diligence the own leadership at the cryptocurrency online banking market.
And in this regard we present to your attention the new “Pro” deposit solution.
According to conditions of granting this deposit, the term of his work will vary from 19 to 30 calendar days (depending on the deposit amount). And the most important difference is that at per second accruals, during work of the deposit offer you will get a profit of 100% of the deposit amount. Directly invested amount will be possible to be received upon termination of the deposit offer validity period.
As a result you get 200% of the invested amount, having doubled your money in just 19-30 calendar days.
This is a deposit offer, which is a symbiosis of already working deposit offers, which have proved themselves as competent and stable investments.
Use our deposit offers, diversifying investments and moving ahead with an even much motivation!
Sincerely, management of the Future Bank.
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