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CEO Future-Bank
My name is Brett Collins and I am the General Director of Future Bank.
I am here to intoduce our bank to you.
All those who have been working on the "Future Bank" project are great and talented people with relatives, friends and families. We are ALL working to make sure that our dear clients could ALWAYS FEEL our friendly support and be confident that we can provide help at any moment.

We are trying to better understand our clients in order to satisfy their needs and hopes

For instance, initially we have created the "Classiс" deposit decision that gives 200% from any amount for 30-40 days of the deposit time. It is the decision that is perfectly balanced and very effective because it is getting more and more popular.

But for some reasons I had a feeling that I could give our clients something more..
Something that make them say "WOW!"!!
And we did it!

Now we have got "Actual Deposit" that gives 200% only for 15-25 days and which we consider to be the voice of the heart,the line that connects the administration and the staff of our bank with all our online clients.
We want EVERYONE to feel special and unique. Just the way he is in real life...

I love our bank and my job. I enjoy talking to people around. And I would like to communicate with you, dear friends.
And I am sure that my first contact with you will find a warm response and we will be able to cooperate even more effectively.

By the way,about the cooperation.
In the nearest future our Agent Program will be changed in some serious and interestion way.I am not going into details but I will just say that using new options of this program you will have an opportunity to earn up to 22% of the referral deposits . Meanwhile, the agency program will encrease to 3 levels. More information you will soon find on the bank's website..

I think,it is a good news.
I am happy to introduce our bank exactly in this aspect, guys(my friends).
All the best! I hope that we will communicate in such a way not once and it will become our good tradition.

And finally, dear investors, I would like to add good news, regarding of the “Actual Deposit” solution.
All of us perfectly see what popularity enjoys this deposit solution among clients of our bank. Besides, we can just afford it!
Therefore the Board of bank has approved my offer about fixing of the “Actual Deposit” solution in a portfolio of deposit offers of our bank on a constant basis!
Accept my sincere congratulations, friends, with this great news.

Sincerely yours, Brett Collins.
Director of the Board of Future Bank.
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